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Door dings, dents, creases & hail damage repairs in Gosford

Is there anything more annoying than seeing your perfectly washed and waxed vehicle, then noticing there's a glaringly obvious dent? Paintless dent removal is becoming more common as vehicle manufacturers use high strength metal and resilient paint finishes.

RAPID Auto Dent is renowned for our expertise when it comes to minor dent removal. We can remove most dents caused by:
Shopping trolleys
Reverse parking mishaps
Car doors
Parking lot incidents
Mother nature—hail damage, branches or debris
Rogue golf balls/cricket balls or various recreational sporting gear that hits your car
Minor accidents
Get your dent fixed today. Book your car in for repair.
Car dent tools — Hail damage Gosford in West Gosford, NSW
paintless dent removal — Hail damage Gosford in West Gosford, NSW
paintless dent removal — Hail damage Gosford in West Gosford, NSW

What is Paintless Dent Removal?

Unlike traditional methods of dent removal, we use specialist tools to gently push the metal back into its original shape. We gain access to the dent by either a) removing interior panels or via window openings after removing the trims. To repair dents, it generally requires the metal to be slowly massaged back into its original position. Working from the outer edge in, the dent becomes progressively smaller until it blends in with the paintwork and disappears completely.

Special lighting is used to highlight the depth of the dent, allowing us to determine how much massaging pressure is required from behind the panel to get the best results.

See the difference paintless dent removal makes by viewing before and after photos in our gallery.


How Much Does Paintless Dent Removal Cost?

Pricing does vary depending on the location and size of the dent, the complexity and the type of vehicle being repaired. Paintless dent removal is exceptionally affordable when compared to the cost of several hundred dollars to repair and paint a single dent using traditional panel beating methods.

Insurance work — Hail damage Gosford in West Gosford, NSW

Insurance work

RAPID Auto Dent undertakes all insurance work. Simply provide us with a claim number and we'll take care of the rest. We'll liaise with your preferred insurance provider, making the entire process hassle-free.
damaged car — Hail damage Gosford in West Gosford, NSW

Accident repairs

If you've been involved an accident and your car requires a few more repairs than minor dent removal, we can provide you with a list of smash repairers and vehicle painters we regularly deal with and highly recommend.